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1. No habra nadie en el mundo 3:49
2. Sultans Of Swing 5:49
3. Debagnouma 4:59
4. Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act I No. 2: Waltz: Tempo di Valse 6:44
5. Mrs Robinson 3:05
6. Here Comes the Rain Again 4:17
7. Here Comes the Rain Again 4:29
8. Just For You 2:58
9. Africa 6:00



In rhythmic gymnastics, music plays an important role in guiding gymnasts to convey their body motion by performing gracefully and efficiently with the correct accompaniment. Without music, the gymnasts perform poorly, which in turn causes the audience to be bored.
Rhythmic gymnastics incorporates ballet, dance with acrobatics with physical movement and equipment like ball, sticks, hoops, ribbons and rope. This sport is ideal for development of flexibility, strength and coordination of the body. The concept of expressive movement as a method for exercise derives from different forms of dance and practice.
This is a collection of music that is deemed suitable for rhythmic gymnastics.

Artist: Various
Label: SL Records
Release Date: March 29, 2020
Genres: Classical, Compilation, Contemporary, Indie, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock
People: Adam Badaoui

What a wonderful and timely collection of carefully selected pieces deemed suitable and perfect for rhythmic gymnastics.

Adam Badaoui NYC Media Studio
Rhythmic Gymnastics

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